About Shooting in Houdatsushimizu

Located 30 minutes by car from Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture is Houdatsushimizu, a town regarded as the entrance to Noto.
This town is home to untouched natural and bucolic spots surrounded by the mountains and the ocean such as the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, the only beach on which you can drive your car in Japan and Mount Hodatsu, the highest point of Noto.

We would like to help create moving videos and photos which promote these previous natural locations and resources so that more people can enjoy them.

The Shooting in Houdatsushimizu project is a location-scouting project organized to achieve that very purpose.

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Title Wander With Me
Producer Dana Stribling (Writer/Director/Camera/Editor)
Act Michael Fanconi, Sarah Drouin
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Dana Stribling

Freelance filmmaker and editor
Kanazawa 48 Hour Film Festival 2018 Organizer Editor
Our team created a short movie in the mountain and coastal town of Houdatsushimizu. The story is about two wandering souls who are traveling Japan and going in opposite directions, but for one special day their characters connect and bond in Houdatsushimizu. When the time for separating comes, our male character realizes his spirit has intertwined with the girl's and he is destined to change his course for her.


Were you able to shoot good video in Houdatsushimizu, also were there any troubles?

We were very lucky to shoot in such a unique location. Houdatsushimizu has both mountain and beach scenery. Of course,many places may have such locations, too. But, Houdatsushimizu has an untouched quality that makes it more sincere and genuine than other more well known places. You can see the scenery and feel that it is familiar and at the same time new. As far as any troubles, there were none; it really was one of the best shoots I have ever been on.

Was there a specific place you liked that left an impression on you when shooting the movie?

All the places were really nice. Great mountain views and the beach road way where you can drive your car, it was all so cool. Personally, If I had to choose a favorite it would be Kita-ke house. It seemed like a mixture of a temple and traditional Japanese house. With a gorgeous pathway entrance, maze-like floor plan and beautiful architecture it's a wonderful place for self-reflection.

Overall what are you impressions of Houdatsushimizu town?

Houdatsushimizu is one of those places that you always drive through during a road trip or vacation, it may not be your destination, but it makes you want to stop and explore. You'll find out that it has all of those things you'd want in a town; charming people, beautiful spots for a walk and around every corner there's nostalgia. Perhaps, a hint of a past life.

When you think about work, is there any location you'd like to shoot in Houdatsushimizu?

Hodatsu Mountain! I think you could shoot an entire movie on that mountain. Around every turn was a new, and beautiful scene.

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