Copyright, Terms of use


The Town of Houdatsushimizu Photo Gallery compiles a variety of photographic materials that make up the charm of Houdatsushimizu, including photos of town scenery, events, and local specialties.

We provide these images so that they can be used in the wide-scale promotion of the Town of Houdatsushimizu. When using the Town of Houdatsushimizu Photo Gallery, please read the following terms, and proceed to the following page after consenting to them.

About copyright

All copyright and other intellectual property rights regarding the Town of Houdatsushimizu Photo Gallery’s photo data shall be retained by the Town of Houdatsushimizu, shall not be transferred to the user, and is protected by the Japanese Copyright Act and by international copyright law.
However, the Town of Houdatsushimizu does not hold any rights of publicity contained in photo data. The user shall bear their own responsibility for any negotiations regarding permissions for these rights, should such permissions be required. We request that users bear responsibility for resolving any disputes arising between third parties related to these rights.

When using the site

Image data stored in the Town of Houdatsushimizu Photo Gallery may be used for the purpose of promoting the Town of Houdatsushimizu, either as-is or after processing.
This usage is free.
When publishing image data, please publish the text “Image credit: Town of Houdatsushimizu” beneath the image.
When using the Town of Houdatsushimizu Photo Gallery’s image data in a magazine or other print media, we would appreciate it if you could send us one free copy of the print media in which the photograph is printed.
Though great care has been taken to ensure its safety, please be aware that we are unable to accept responsibility for any consequences arising as a result of this image data or the downloading of the image data.
The Town of Houdatsushimizu and the providers of the photographs shall bear absolutely no responsibility for any losses or damages arising as a result of use of the image data.

Prohibited Conduct

The following conduct with regard to the image data stored in the Town of Houdatsushimizu Photo Gallery is prohibited.

  1. The production and/or sale of any items whose saleability depends on photographic materials based on the image data, including where the data has been partially processed (e.g. digital data collections, calendars, postcards, etc.).
  2. Any usage for the purposes of rental, and any copying and selling or transferral of the image data to a third party.
  3. Any usage of the stored image data to defraud or mislead, to defame or damage, or that is in violation of public policy.
  4. The attachment or dispatching the stored image data via mailing lists or mail magazines that send large volumes of identical emails.
  5. Directly linking to photos in the Town of Houdatsushimizu Photo Gallery.

In the event of the violation of any of the above terms, or of any usage which diverges from the purpose for which the Town of Houdatsushimizu Photo Gallery was created, the Town of Houdatsushimizu shall reserve the right to prevent that usage.