Recommended courses

  • 7:00Depart From Kanazawa Station!

    Hop on a bike at Kanazawa Station and head for Houdatsushimizu Town!

  • 9:00Photography Sightseeing Route

    Enjoy photogenic views of ginkgo trees, the tree lined Houdatsu Tenkogawa river, Totoro, and more.

    Ginkgo Trees Houdatsu Tenjogawa
  • 10:00Mt. Houdatsu Hill Climb

    7km one way for a roughly 120 minute course. Travel National Route 159, Prefectural Road 229, and Prefectural Road 75 as you head for the summit of Mt. Houdatsu.
    Take a break and enjoy a snack at “Yama no Ryugujo” when you reach the top.

    Mt. Houdatsu Yama no Ryugujo Mt. Houdatsu Hill Climb
  • 12:00For Lunch You’ll Want to Try Omurice

    At Houdatsushimizu Town you can delight in the unique charms of omurice at one of its many restaurants. Please enjoy!

    View Restaurants Serving Omurice
  • 13:00Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

    This is a must do for Houdatsushimizu Town. The dense sand allows for travel not only by car but by bike as well.

    Chirihama Nagisa Driveway
  • 14:30Odamaki Makes for the Perfect Souvenir

    The odamaki from Taniguchi Confectioneries is celebrated for its excellent taste and soft texture. Many people associate odamaki with Houdatsushimizu Town more than anything else, and you’ll find out why if you choose to take some home!

    Onkashitsukasa Taniguchi (Taniguchi Confectioneries) View Souvenir Stores
  • 15:00Refresh With a Hot Spring Day Trip

    There is actually a plentiful selection of hot springs just a day trip away from Houdatsushimizu Town. Stop in to refresh before your drive back.

    View Hot Springs
  • 16:00Head For Kanazawa Station

    Head to Kanazawa with your renewed energy. You can reach Kanazawa Station in roughly two hours.