Kakushoji Temple Scripture House, Stone Monument, and Complete Buddhist Scriptures

*Town designated cultural property

[Kakushoji Temple Scripture House]
The Scripture House (Taisho era) was built with an application from the head priest, Kunikado Zuii, and with the permission from the prefectural governor, and widespread approval from the public.
Items housed inside include an octagonal rotating sutra library which includes all the Buddhist scriptures, a sitting Amitabha Buddha statue, a head statue of the historical Buddha which is said to have been brought from Shugendo temple that was on Mt. Hodatsu, a statue of Fudaishi, and statues of 8 gods.

[Kakushoji Temple Stone Monument]
The stone monument was built with an application from the head priest, Kunikado Kaijin. The stones are about 4 meters in height, and the three characters that stand for “world, man and sorrow” are carved in the base.
It was made by the people of Hodatsu.

[Kakushoji Temple Complete Buddhist Scriptures]
The complete Buddhist scriptures are printed on iron plates that total 5,400.
Of note, there are about 20 rare books amongst the Buddhist writings, outside of the complete Buddhist canon.
Legend says that there are pieces received from a monk at Mt. Sekido and pieces from the Mt. Hodatsu Shugendo Temple.

The complete Buddhist scriptures on iron plates were made from wooden block printing by Tetsugen (1630-1682) a monk from Obakushu Manpukuji Temple at the beginning of the Edo Period.

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