Hodatsu Shimizu-cho Archeological Artifacts

*Town designated cultural property

[Magatama (comma-shaped bead, jadeite)]
In March 1959, while working the paddy field of Tsuboyama, this was excavated about 1 meter below the top soil along with pottery pieces from the mid-Jomon period.
It is also called jade magatama (medium size).

[Ninzaki style Pottery]
Deep bowl shaped Jomon pottery from the mid-Jomon period, excavated near the Kitakawashiri Suwayama ruins.

[Excavated Items from Otsuka Kofun Ancient Tomb]
Otsuka Kofun Ancient Tomb is located slightly away from the Fuyuno Kofun ancient tomb, and so it is considered independent from it. The round burial mound is a circular truncated cone, measuring 38 meters east to west, with a 15-meter diameter at the top.
Petroglyphs are on all slopes, and the excavated items include a cylindrical haniwa, and pieces of haji ware thought to be a cup.
It is thought to be from the mid-5th century, but the internal structure is unknown.
Most of the designated items are cylindrical haniwa.

Some say the Otsuka Kofun ancient tomb may also be a keyhole-shaped tumulus (front part missing).

Excavated items are owned, managed and kept by the town, so please contact the town’s Board of Education with regard to public display.

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