Local specialty


Bok choy

Bok choy grows in about 40 days in the summer and in about 3 months in the winter. The cultivation period is long in the winter, the number of leaves is large, the stem grows wide and thick, and the sweetness is different. The deeper you go to the center, the more sweetness increases and you can enjoy it even raw.


  • Natsushomi
  • Fuyushomi
  • Nihao
Shipment time

Year‐round(harvest about seven times a year)
Winter(November – March) in season


Bok choy has been cultivated since the mid-1980s. Alongside mini tomatoes, it has become a representative of protected horticulture (hothouse cultivation) in Houdatsushimizu; in the winter season, when the mini tomato harvest is finished, planting bok choy is the start of cultivation. At present, it is cultivated by about 2 farm households. There are farm households who cultivate mini tomatoes in the summer and bok choy in the winter, and farm households who pay attention to the varieties suited to the season and the cultivation methods and grow produce throughout the year.

Asked the farmers! The best way to eat them

If it is chopped finely and seasoned with lemon juice, you can enjoy an apple-like fruity taste.

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