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Spots 宝達志水町の見どころ

Houdatsushimizu-town has many spots that are alive with the nature of Noto’s Satoyama-Satoumi, including Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, the only bit of coast that you can drive a car along in Japan, and Mt. Houdatsu, the highest peak on the peninsula. It is our pleasure to introduce other sites in Houdatsushimizu-town, including ruins and buildings related to Kaga Domain, and also the grave where Moses (!?) rests.

Local specialty 農産物・特産品

There are many speciality products that have come into being thanks to the blessings offered by Satoyama-Satoumi: figs; Koshihikari rice; Houdatsu kudzu arrowroot, which has a history of over 450 years; and Ruby Roman, the highest yielding grapes in Ishikawa Prefecture.

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農産物・特産品 イメージ画像

Omurice town オムライス町

The omu-rice signboard in Houdatsushimizu-town.
Why on earth would you find omu-rice (rice-filled omelette) in Noto?
Please let us explain!

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オムライス イメージ画像
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Access アクセス

Houdatsushimizu-town is located in Kuchinoto, in the central part of Ishikawa Prefecture. Kanazawa, which is the seat of the prefectural government, is 30 minutes away by car. Both Noto and Kanazawa are easily accessible.

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